May 5, 2009

Prophet's role in Armageddon and systemic collapse

There were only two basic ages in the economic History of Mankind. The line seperating both ages was correctly specified first by End Times Prophet.

The same Prophet who explained first that cyclical theory was the core lie used to cover-up the fundamental Law governing the second age, mathematically maximally reduced returns an exponential curve. (1)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained that imminent end of age was the reason to launch military Armageddon, with the ultimatum to Serbia, the 13 October 1998 deadline.

The same Prophet who predicted and explained the begin of military Armageddon, 13 October 1998 - 24 March 1999.

The same Prophet who explained in 1999 that Illuminati selling oil below production costs was one of main reasons why the populace could be mislead to not believe their own eyes (i.e. oil platforms drilling at rapdily increasing depths in the ocean). (2)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained in [August 1999 - 1 January 2000] that Vladimir Putin was sent to lead God's Angelic Warriors in the battle of Armageddon.

The same Prophet who explained the begin of illuminati overtime, 1 January 2000.

The same Prophet who explained shortly before 9/11 2001 why in the nineties Japan was the first area of Illuminatziland to witness the begin of the end of age.

The same Prophet who explained the begin of end of age in late 2003 in the US. (3)

The same Prophet who explained how genocide of "unproductive" and reduction of the populace in Illuminatizland to "human cattle" were the main reasons why the illuminati were able to extend illuminati overtime after Septmeber 2005. (4)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained how the illuminati planned a ontrolled collapse of major banks, using the "swiss" UBS symbology to launch it, as another trick to extend illuminati overtime but above all as another sign of the last months before systemic collapse. (5)

The same Prophet who explained that, shortly after oil prices peaked at $150 a barrel and one U.S. dollar to 23 roubles, systemic collapse began, with oil demand again below oil offer, what made it possible again for the illuminati to sell oil below production costs.

The same Prophet who explained that Financial Armageddon, the last possible economic tactic weapon before nuclear Armageddon, was launched, with oil being offered by the illuminati almost for free, going as far as $33 a barrel and 37 roubles for one U.S. dollar.

The same Prophet who explained thr begin of the retreat of the attackers, as they begun running out of ammo. (6)

Financial Armageddon: attackers retreat shortly before * TOTAL DISARRAY *
Now the same Prophet explains that the retreat enters the last stage, as the illuminati abandon the $50 oil price trench that they were defending for weeks.
A few weeks, in the illuminati end times scale, after systemic collpase, is more than millions of years in the illuminati geologic time scale. Another scale that was maximally reduced by Prophet to only TWO basic ages. (7)

(1) "Historical Articles by Matt Marriott - 1 - the exponential curve on the move" - Article archived first on Dec 31, 2005 and, last on Jan 05, 2008, (as of today), days before TRUE Prophet and the last poster, the only echoing the Truth, End Times Evan / Kyoon, were banned from one of the very last forums where the TRUTH could be discussed.*/
Archived Version from Jan 05, 2008:

(2) The "selling oil below production costs" piece of the "End of Age" puzzle, as well as other three KEY pieces, visible on:- this photo, first achived by, Nov 07, 2001*/http://.../2104/fall.jpg

(3) "Science fiction - this time into the past", from 2003 - archived 2005, references historical message from Illuminati End Times Prophet from 1999

(4) Illustrated in archived link provided by first footnote, by Prophet's post from 03-31-2006:
"US Government Agency is *** NO MORE *** hiding mass murder of old, disabled and other unproductive segments of the US population -
US Department of Energy DOE, first agency to confirm HORRIBLE TRUTH, 4 months later"

(5) Illustrated in archived link provided by first footnote, by Prophet's post from 11-21-2007:"Phase of Collapse of Major Bank: Illuminati to use "swiss" UBS as milestone
Choosing the "swiss" UBS to officially enter the phase of "collapse of major banks", which in the timeline is located at the end of illuminati overtime, is just what you would expect. Why? See the illuminati mind control techniques which I explained in detail in the last years."

(6) As the attackers begun running out of ammunition:

(7) GEOLOGIC TIMESCALE by Illuminati maximally reduced to SIX words by Matt Marriott

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