Jul 13, 2016

Manhunt for blacks: Miss Alabama and Trumpence on stage on a day Of Last Trumpets in the anti.bible: all predicted 2009

From Nice, France to Vice, USA
Trump will have Pence as vice-president in the famous final ticket.
"Leaked" Jul 14, one day before the scheduled announcement, scripted as "postponed because of the Nice truck attack on Bastille Day in France". 

Pence script exposed before the "leak":
Timestamps validated by web archive are UNDENIABLE evidence for these two predictions, from seven years to seven hours:
1. Core of the script exposed 2009 (Trump playing Trumpets or Trumpence).
2. Last detail explained a few hours before the Pence "leak". Transcript:

Pence will be Trump's VP pick.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to get it because the same goes for how the actor playing billionaire Trump was named.
As for why the actor now stepping on stage is named Pence and not Penny: two reasons. It sounds like 
1. P _ _ NCE (another actor who "died" months earlier for the same Hillary Clinton that suicide bomber Trump continues to blow himself up until his full detonation.
A script exposed by Last Prophet immediately after, or in other words while human cattle was still celebrating his "death".
2. [Last] TrumPets (Trump Pence ticket), as explained by Last Prophet in 2009.

Manhunt for blacks : Undeniable evidence: 
Miss Alabama and Trumpence on stage on a day Of Last Trumpets in the illuminati anti-bible: all predicted 2009

STAGED MISStakes with actresses playing Misses - the end of show series
Miss Universe staged near Balladonia 1978, the location for "Skylab's fiery fall" 1978 (an hoax exposed first by Last Prophet), was realeased long before the end of show series:
- Miss California stripped by Trump 2009 
- Miss Universe falsely crwoned 2015 at Vegas near innocent bystanders rammed by non.white car driver
- Ex-Miss Turkey gets suspended sentence for insulting Erdogan 2016

The famous final episode, one day before Trump starts offiicially to play one of the Last Trumpets alias Trumpence: 
- Former Miss Alabama Admits She Shouldn't Have Called Dallas Gunman 'a Martyr'... But Won't Pull Video.

Added two weeks later: More "Misses on stage with racist comments" mockery ad mauseum.
Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay Will Keep Crown Despite N-Word Tweets

Article from 2012, Archived 2012, survived here

Article from Jun 11, 2009 - archived 2010

Former Miss Alabama Admits She Shouldn't Have Called Dallas Gunman 'a Martyr'... But Won't Pull Video
July 12, 2016

July 15, 2016
Trump postpones running-mate announcement, but Indiana's Pence is expected choice

August 1, 2016 
Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay Will Keep Crown Despite N-Word Tweets

Skylab orbiting Earth" Hoax, kept alive 1972 to 1979, is exposed the same way as 28 years later the ISS Hoax.
SKYLAB Space Station HOAX - exposed worldwide first time... 29 years later! 

Jan 30, 2017
UK Petition against Trump visit: goals of this psy-op includes filling the registry supplying the "internment camps", this time not for muslims and non-whites only but also for anyone registered as dissident.
Talk of the UK and death camps:
Fake writer J.K. Rowling (fake name comes from OWL, same as NFL's SUPERB OWL) illustrates her role as suicide bomber, in a parallel script to Meryl Streep.
J.K. Rowling slams Donald Trump, Mike Pence with 1 biblical tweet: for dummies

How actor playing billionaire Trump was named

Trump, same as all other billionaires fed to the human cattle, doesn't own any of the jewels of his empire.
Trump's empire based on casinos - what is special about this Illuminati joke
Start here:
Condo owners in Panama tell Trump: You're fired! - for dummies 

UNDENIABLE * EVIDENCE * (webarchive): Miss Universe 2015: Vegas theater explained 2009 - Last TRUMPets, Obama's staged arrest to launch the BIG BANG.
innocent bystanders rammed by non.white car driver - ALL actors, same as "miss Universe wrongfully crowned nearby".
From 2012 see link to 2009 article
Hillary Clinton crowned Miss Universe by same fake billionaire "Trump" who was casted as stripper of Miss California 2009
Vegas miss universe theater and parallel script "manhunt for blacks, muslims, christians, any other non-whites and dissidents" explained 2009 in yet another parallel script - 
Note that article from 2009 also explains "the car attack" by a "muslim woman" staged "in the vicinity".:
Last TRUMPets, Obama arrested, Trump strips Miss California

Jul 11, 2016 - Trump's fan "Putin" Puts Black Lives Matter On Official 'Terror List' - for dummies
Scripted long before the Dallas fake blood, in fact as early as "BlackLivesMatter" was created by the illuminati.
Black Lives Matter "leaders" = Russia "gov" "led" by an impostor impersonating murdered Putin = illuminazi puppets
July 7, 2016
Terror state Russia: 14 years old that fail to denounce "crimes" will be arrested under new "counter-terrorism" amendments that
- introduce prison sentences for failure to report a "grave crime" and doubling the number of "crimes" for which Russians as young as 14 can be prosecuted.
- forces telecommunications companies to store logs and data for months, 
yahoo. /news/russias-putin-signs-controversial-amendments-law-103315060.html?nhp=1
For The BIG PICTURE start here:
Rostov-on-Don FlyDubai low-cost operator: Timing for "Putin" to again host a fake airliner crash
Timing hinting that the curtain is about to 0fall