Jun 22, 2013

Napoleon Lenin and fake Putin ALL exposed first by Last Prophet

Napoleon, Lenin and fake Putin: all exposed first by Last Prophet

illuminati jokes: Napoleon exiled twice to an island for dummies

Napoleon's exile to the island of St. Helena, unlike the exile to the island of Elba, was not originally scripted.
Napoleon was an agent of the prussian illuminati, the same sect that not only introduced the guillotine but also controlled the french revolutiion.
Napoleon was selected to play "emperor of France" to accomplish these two tasks:
1 - to conquer Russia for the illuminati
2 - to immediately after detonate as suicide bomber.
Napoleon's self-detonation would put an end to France's role as key player in Europe, once and for all. 
The break-up of France would start by the loss of northeastern areas, Alsace and Lorraine, to be transferred to the prussian illuminazis.
At the end of thed day Napoleon would be rewarded with the "exile in the island of Elba".

1813: Napoleon failed in his first mission. Yet the illuminati, fulfilling one of their religion's commandments, to formally turn defeat into victory, still staged the "Napoleon exiled to Elba" act.
Napoleon's resurrection alias the "escape from Elba" and Waterloo were NOT originally scripted. 
They were added to the script for two reasons, the first being to still partly fulfill the second task originally assigned to Napoleon.
The second reason was the same as for Hitler to order Churchill to bomb the hell out of Dresden civilians, 130 years later.

One century later Lenin is an insider remake of Napoleon
Illuminati agent Lenin, an ethnic german pretending to be a russian with some jewish and german ancestry, is assigned the same two tasks as Napoleon.
For the first time the conquest of Russia is done from within, with an infiltrator as treasonous leader.
Detail difference to Napoleon: the self-detonation at the end of the day would obviously be part of the break-up of Russia, not of France.
The plan didn't succed because Lenin died too early and illuminazi agent Trotsky was defeated by patriotic Stalin.
End Times Paradox: Lenin still was awarded the status of a russian hero, sealed with a mausoleum and hundreds of statues in soviet cities.

Two centuries later fake Putin is again an insider remake of Napoleon or in other words a perfect remake of Lenin
Fake Putin became the president of Russia in 2010, after the real Putin was jailed and executed.

Waterloo 1815 = bombing of Dresden 1945 = illuminati theater AFTER their DEFEAT 1812 and 1943.

Illuminati's failed military attempts to occupy Russia were in fact all lead by Germans, althoug the second one had corsican Napoleon Bonaparte as official leader. 
The first as early as 1242, 1242, more than five centuries before Illuminati's self-proclaimed birthdate.
2013, October: Last Prophet exposes worldwide first 
Novus ordo seclorum - WHY Illuminati used it to name GLOBAL SLAVERY.
In the process also explsed: the first illuminati failed attempt to militarily occupy Russia, sealed at the Battle of the Ice, 1242.

To get your Age, the End Times, you MUST get the Illuminati Matrix since 1789
Illuminati World Wars and Illuminati Matrix all basic facts exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt, one of only two members of the Web of Truth.
In other words: same goes for the Illuminati Web of Disinformation.
2009 article, last updated Nov 2016
Illuminati matrix: unchallenged from the start, 1789
It was established 600 years after the illuminati stepped on stage as "crusaders".
Not even those who played a KEY role opposing and even defeating the illuminati in major battles were able to recognize AND expose KEY pieces of the matrix, let alone its totality.
The list of those who could have shaken the illuminati matrix includes: ...

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