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Mar 15, 2014

Osama Bin Laden resurrects next to missing Boeing 777

All explained by Last Prophet in August 2011, months after Illuminati staged "Navy SEALs team kills Osama Bin Laden".
Illuminati Grand Master was forced to postpone it for nearly three years.

Hoax exposed one day later. FULL SCRIPT exposed one week later:
March 15: solution of the "puzzle" becomes obvious with the latest "revelations"
One week later the latest "news" about the the "impossible flight", a script as impossible as the "alien abudction" initally suggested, 
- pilot was a "political fanatic" who had just been at the trial of jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.
- two possible corridors: southwest towards the Antartic over the Indian Ocean; northwest, with the search extended to Kazakhstan, well to the north of Afghanistan.[1]
This leaves no doubt the two agendas that will be advanced before the obvious end.

Southwest corridor over the Indian Ocean: the first act
It advances agendas exposed from the beginning by Last Prophet:
- "airplane abducted by aliens, now hidden in secret base built by extraterrestrials in the Antartic ".
- remake of missing girl UK Maddie McCann spotted by everyone everywhere": mainly governments not individuals play spotters.

Northwest corridor in or near an Afghanistan is how it will end:
The pilot linked to "terrorism" and to the jailed opposition leader is first used to advance the terror state agenda, the final crack down on malaysian patriots, same as OKC 1995 in the USA or Oslo 2011 in Norway and the EU.
Most important of all: it sets the stage for the very last video of Obama as Osama, this time not in a cave but standing next to a Boeing 777 of the Malaysian Airlines. 
Reduced to one sentence: the terrorist pilot flew the plane to Osama Bin Laden.

Anti-Bible's resurrection 
The Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation resurrects both "dead Osama" and the "missing Boeing 777" from the depths of the Indian Ocean.
Most probably at Easter at the Holy Land, with his second and very last "terror attack using an airliner".
Yet another parallelism, this time the illuminati anti-Bible about the resurrection of Christ.

Jerusalem, Easter's Sunday 2014: Carbon Copy of 911 2001: Obama Bin Laden resurrects from an ocean of discrepancies.
Treasonous Israeli government, controlled by the illuminati since the coup of 1975, will play its part staging the attack.
It wii be staged exactly like 911: while the official story will have "Osama Bin Laden" as perpetrator plenty of "discrepancies" will leave no doubt that it was an inside job.
Obama Bin Laden and treasonous governments are the constants in the final equation, reducing four airliners to one:
(2*American Airlines) + (2*United Airlines)/911-2001 NYC-USA = (1*Malaysian Airlines)/Easter-Sunday-2014 Jerusalem-Israel

[1] 15 March 2014 A newly extended, multinational search stretching all the way from Kazakhstan to the southern Indian Ocean was under way.
This after satellite data indicated missing flight MH370 last made contact six hours after previously believed.
map: http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2...ap/index.htmlC

Hoax exposed one day later:
Malaysia Airlines flight missing: ALL staged with actors - Illuminati religion's commandment to serve NOTHING but simulated reality at the end of the show

911 Remake: 2011 at Fukushima unit 3 with hydrogen by God - AND Easter Sunday 2014 with Boeing 777 by illuminati   

Last Prophet's words from August 2011:
Obama's very last video as Osama in an Afghanistan cave about to be released:

Transvestite Michelle Obama, Homosexual Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation:

Reminder of what comes after "Osama" resurfaces standing by the missing 777: the theater act "Obama arrested 'LIVE on TV' with senate and congress members as background".
A remake of North Korea great leader Kim Jong Un's uncle arrest:
"Social Security defaults", part of the "US governemtn shutdown" theater, timed with Obama's detonation, starts the BIG BANG.
BIG BANG for dummies: Annihilate "trillions" in fiat money, from US debt to savings and pension funds of human cattle. 


Feb 18, 2014


From May 25 2011, as Joplin, Missouri and a number of other small towns USA were wiped off the map:
Example of what happened today in a lot of small towns USA, survived in this page from 2007 (1).
4 years later, 18 April 2011, poster replies:
Both the Surry nuclear plant (damaged by tornado) and Fukushima Daichi are on the same parallel.
Does anyone find this interesting? 
I'm just pointing this out. I have no clue. I just know how very odd 60 tornados are on the east coast of the US.
Last Prophet replies:
it is the median center, in terms of population, for those who destroyed the Earth (2).
Now they are destroyed by GOD.
poster asks in repost, 16 Feb 2014 (3), 02/16/2014 10:58 PM:
Why are you sharing this now?
Last Prophet replies:
Southern California produces half of the fruit and vegetables of the US and rain stopped. The rest of the US is almost all frozen (4).
England's very last winter without millions of flooded houses is as much behind us as Southern California's winter rain to fill the  breadbasket of the United States.
For the record, same in 2011 as of today:
06/06/2007 08:15 AM:
Prairies: tornados unseen in small village USA about to strike 2 posts - Last post: 6 Jun 2007
End Times Prophet predicted in the new age *** small town USA must be prepared to be devastated by storm *** any moment, any day ...
(2) Two of the results: 19 March 2008, 11-26-07, 10:33 AM, see photos
(3) repost 2014
(4) Historically, in 135 years of record-keeping, this has been the driest," Patzert said. "Since July 1, we’ve had less than an inch of rain. 
In January, which is historically our wettest month, we’ve had zero rainfall. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen anything like this.”
”Here in California, we’re the breadbasket of the United States, but also we export tremendous volumes of fruits, vegetables and even cattle overseas," 

May 5, 2009

Prophet's role in Armageddon and systemic collapse

There were only two basic ages in the economic History of Mankind. The line seperating both ages was correctly specified first by End Times Prophet.

The same Prophet who explained first that cyclical theory was the core lie used to cover-up the fundamental Law governing the second age, mathematically maximally reduced returns an exponential curve. (1)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained that imminent end of age was the reason to launch military Armageddon, with the ultimatum to Serbia, the 13 October 1998 deadline.

The same Prophet who predicted and explained the begin of military Armageddon, 13 October 1998 - 24 March 1999.

The same Prophet who explained in 1999 that Illuminati selling oil below production costs was one of main reasons why the populace could be mislead to not believe their own eyes (i.e. oil platforms drilling at rapdily increasing depths in the ocean). (2)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained in [August 1999 - 1 January 2000] that Vladimir Putin was sent to lead God's Angelic Warriors in the battle of Armageddon.

The same Prophet who explained the begin of illuminati overtime, 1 January 2000.

The same Prophet who explained shortly before 9/11 2001 why in the nineties Japan was the first area of Illuminatziland to witness the begin of the end of age.

The same Prophet who explained the begin of end of age in late 2003 in the US. (3)

The same Prophet who explained how genocide of "unproductive" and reduction of the populace in Illuminatizland to "human cattle" were the main reasons why the illuminati were able to extend illuminati overtime after Septmeber 2005. (4)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained how the illuminati planned a ontrolled collapse of major banks, using the "swiss" UBS symbology to launch it, as another trick to extend illuminati overtime but above all as another sign of the last months before systemic collapse. (5)

The same Prophet who explained that, shortly after oil prices peaked at $150 a barrel and one U.S. dollar to 23 roubles, systemic collapse began, with oil demand again below oil offer, what made it possible again for the illuminati to sell oil below production costs.

The same Prophet who explained that Financial Armageddon, the last possible economic tactic weapon before nuclear Armageddon, was launched, with oil being offered by the illuminati almost for free, going as far as $33 a barrel and 37 roubles for one U.S. dollar.

The same Prophet who explained thr begin of the retreat of the attackers, as they begun running out of ammo. (6)

Financial Armageddon: attackers retreat shortly before * TOTAL DISARRAY *
Now the same Prophet explains that the retreat enters the last stage, as the illuminati abandon the $50 oil price trench that they were defending for weeks.
A few weeks, in the illuminati end times scale, after systemic collpase, is more than millions of years in the illuminati geologic time scale. Another scale that was maximally reduced by Prophet to only TWO basic ages. (7)

(1) "Historical Articles by Matt Marriott - 1 - the exponential curve on the move" - Article archived first on Dec 31, 2005 and, last on Jan 05, 2008, (as of today), days before TRUE Prophet and the last poster, the only echoing the Truth, End Times Evan / Kyoon, were banned from one of the very last forums where the TRUTH could be discussed.
Archived Version from Jan 05, 2008:

(2) The "selling oil below production costs" piece of the "End of Age" puzzle, as well as other three KEY pieces, visible on:- this photo, first achived by webarchive.org, Nov 07, 2001

(3) "Science fiction - this time into the past", from 2003 - archived 2005, references historical message from Illuminati End Times Prophet from 1999

(4) Illustrated in archived link provided by first footnote, by Prophet's post from 03-31-2006:
"US Government Agency is *** NO MORE *** hiding mass murder of old, disabled and other unproductive segments of the US population -
US Department of Energy DOE, first agency to confirm HORRIBLE TRUTH, 4 months later"

(5) Illustrated in archived link provided by first footnote, by Prophet's post from 11-21-2007:"Phase of Collapse of Major Bank: Illuminati to use "swiss" UBS as milestone
Choosing the "swiss" UBS to officially enter the phase of "collapse of major banks", which in the timeline is located at the end of illuminati overtime, is just what you would expect. Why? See the illuminati mind control techniques which I explained in detail in the last years."

(6) As the attackers begun running out of ammunition:

(7) GEOLOGIC TIMESCALE by Illuminati maximally reduced to SIX words by Matt Marriott

In Forums: engforum.pravda.ru -- original deleted in sites, as repost still here:  christianforums.com -- kitcomm.com

Feb 26, 2009

One of last survivors of Hitler's army acting as last planned Pope denying Hitler's gas chambers - all of it was predicted

One of last survivors of Hitler's army, Cardinal Ratzinger aka Natzinger, becoming Anti-Pope Benedict XVI to play the "Glory of the Olive" role, the last planned Pope, denying the Holocaust and Hitler's gas chambers... it was all predicted by End Times Prophet.

Begin here

Continue by adding "THE":

Categorizing this Prophecy

Prophet used this prophecy to reply to poster Tulc, who tried to prove Matt Marriott a false Prophet using the prophecy about the illuminati using suicide Obomber to "elect" Hillary Clinton (1):

"Again, there are THREE types of prophecies.(2)
Use prophecies of A or B types to prove that I am a false prophet.
[link to this article, i.e. Prophet's prophecies about anti-pope Benedict XVI] an example of a prophecy including several prophecies, two of which are of B-type.
By the way you can no more use it to prove me wrong, since the last pending B-type prophecy was fulfilled the latest after illuminati agent Williamson, acting as catholic Bishop, was expelled from Argentina.


(1)  See dialogue with Poster Tulc in discussion "DUBAI in Illuminati End Times, End Sign explained worldwide first by ET Prophet"


(2) http://end-times-prophet.blogspot.com/2008/10/three-types-of-prophecies-depending-on.html

As article in Forums: engforum.pravda.ru -- christianforums.com

As reply to: unexplained-mysteries.com "Pope outrages Jews over Holocaust denier". Note the mind control technique used in headline, suggesting that non-Jews are not outraged.

Oct 6, 2008

Three types of Prophecies, depending on possible illuminati reaction

Concerning what the VERY LAST of the End Time Prophets prophesized, there are three types of prophecies:

A - there is nothing the illuminati can do about it;
B - the illuminati could theoretically use it to prove End Times Prophet to be a false prophet, but there is too much at stake for the illuminati to be worth to do it;
C - the illuminati can’t change the basics but can change some detail - e.g. the date, if End Times Prophet pointed out the precise date it was supposed to happen - to prove End Times Prophet “wrong”.

After 2005 End Times Prophet avoided any prophecies of this last type (1). The main reason was the fact that, after the Prophet revealed that Terri Schindler’s satanic ritual murder would take place Good Friday 2005, the illuminati extended her torture, taken to the utter limits (denial of water), for several days. (2)

Note that the ability to change details can also be used by the illuminati to react to the situation where they were not able to meet a deadline, i.e. to implement the plan accordingly to the originally planned timeline. (3)

(1) Illustration of C type Prophecies - 6 October 2008, page 11 - "What Barack Obama will be telling us in a few hours":

Prophet replies to poster Accipiter, who claims that prophecy about official launch date for Illuminati staging "Obama impeachment" as reversed script for "Clinton Impeachment 1998" was proven false:
"I was looking for my post to refute this, but I noticed it has been removed from page 9.
How could I change any claims, if I am the VERY LAST of the End Time Prophets?

As for [executing] Usain Bolt, the same is valid as for the exact date for launching the “Obama impeachment” act, no exact date is given since that would be a C type."

Note that the first post in first page of that thread illustrates a B type prophecy, fulfilled short after, March 2008.

(2) http://end-times-prophet.blogspot.com/2005/04/illuminati-modify-script-after-it-was_27.html

(3) This was the case of Illuminati not being able to postpone systemic collapse long enough. That happened just weeks before the planned "suicide Obomber" act required before the "election" of Hillary Clinton. This forced the Illuminati to delay the "Obama confesses forgery and murder" act until after the inauguration, where the "illegal Oath" act was staged to cover-up the illuminati failure.

In Forums: engforum.pravda.ru -- groups.google.com --  forum.conspiracycentral.net (echoed)

Feb 5, 2008

Hours before Hillary Clinton will be "elected", a reminder: script and goal were explained worldwide only by End Times Prophet

Just hours before Hillary Clinton will be "elected", a reminder: script and goal were explained worldwide only by End Times Prophet and echoed by few, very very few.

The Script
The script for the "election" of Hillary Clinton, supported by less than 5 pct of the population, as the last president of the US (unless the illuminati will have to terminate the script before), was explained worldwide only by End Times Prophet. (1)
Electing a candidate who did not manage to gather a crowd larger than 4,000 (including the hundreds of paid campaign personnel).
This despite the script for the role of the candidate supposed to lose (2), the "black" candidate by the name of Obama (as close as it can get to the CIA creation Osama).
Obama, the candidate with a 80+ muslim grandmother who has to pump her daily supply of fresh water from a hole in the ground somewehere in Africa.
Obama, the candidate with two main roles: to convince people that computers do not multiply the Clinton votes and to ask his crowds for a big cheer for Clinton, each time the "results" are announced.(3)

The main goal of the script
The goal of the script for the "election" of Hillary Clinton, was explained again worldwide only by End Times Prophet. It is as simple as this:

1. The masses in Illuminatiland have formally accepted to carry the mark of the beast in 2004. On their forehead and on their right hand, i.e. in thoughts and deeds. Only a few, VERY FEW, refused it. (4)

2. Once that happened, for the illuminati the only "new developments" in Illuminatiland until the final slaughter can be nothing but proving the Illuminati B-Plan, total deception (5), i.e. how completely they can fool and control the sheep. Ulltimately this resumes to seeking to reach as close as possible to the ultimate border, which is defined by explaining openly to the sheep how they were fooled.
In other words, the ultimate border is defined by the illuminati telling the sheep exactly what Matt Marriott told them during the ten years (6) that the battle of Armageddon lasted so far. (7)

(1) http://last-antichrist.blogspot.com/2007/05/hillary-clinton-2008-for-dummies-two.html

(2) Currently only one result, and it's the right one

(3) http://voting-machines.blogspot.com/2008/0...d-2004-for.html

(4) Halloween 2004 - last hours before almost all Americans formally accept to carry the mark of the beast

(5) more about the Illuminati B-plan here: http://illuminati-religion.blogspot.com/

(6) A starting point here: http://best-seller-hoaxes.blogspot.com/

(7) http://armageddon-now.blogspot.com/

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Oct 4, 2007

DIGG.COM burns The TRUTH revealed worldwide first (all articles from Matt Marriott)

End Times Reductionism at work: once again the CIA forces one of the only sites that allowed the TRUTH, revealed to the world first by End Times Prophet... to delete it. Totally.



Check the cache of what Google still returns today (Google keeps cache of page for a few weeks, if site legally allows Google to do it)

Prophet's articles:
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Digg - Earth's maximum recorded temperatures - the 3 Basic Facts ...
digg.com/general_sciences/Earth_s_maximum_ recorded_temperatures_the_3_Basic_Facts_HORRIBLE_TRUTH/who - 17k -
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Digg - 9/11 TV Fakery evidence storms 911blogger.com
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Digg - Fascist America, in 10 easy steps!
by MattMarriott on 04/27/2007. Pinoichet Hoax http://terror-state.blogspot. com/2007/03/transition-to-nazi-global-state.html.
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Digg - Google: Why we remember information about searches
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Digg - Google: Why we remember information about searches
by MattMarriott on 05/12/2007. Why are the CIA psy-ops hiding this comment? This is a subset of the comments in this conversation.  ...
by MattMarriott on 05/13/2007. All these handles telling you that Google is Government controlled are in fact CIA psy-ops. ...

Digg - This is goodbye - this Google Earth session does not have a ...
(1) Short after the first comment (you will have to click the "show comment" link at the right from the "MattMarriott" to show it, it is buried), ...
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Digg - Chomsky: Iranian Intervention in Iraq is US propaganga
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Digg - [PHOTO] Volcanic Eruption, Aurora Borealis, And The Stars ...
MattMarriott by MattMarriott on 05/31/2007. It looks like another photoshopped Hubble Astronomy Picture of the Day. But I have strong reasons to believe ...
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Digg - Peru capital rocked by 7.5 earthquake
by MattMarriott on 08/16/2007. In this millenium there was not yet one day with more than 1 mm precipitation in Lima, the capital of Peru. ...
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Digg - Firefox memory usage world championships (SCREENSHOT)
by MattMarriott on 05/02/2007. CIA/MICROSOFT = MICROCIAFT disinfo The Web of Disinformation set up by the Illuminati ...
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