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Jan 31, 2015

Superbowl 33-33 Seahawks win, Patriots stripped - revealed by VERY LAST PROPHET - UPDATED

WHY [did / will] Seahawks win the very last Superbowl - all explained by Last Prophet in advance.
Superbowl 2014 was supposed to be the very last one, Seahawks the very last winners.
Deflated footballs is an illuminati joke about the end of the show. Same as Seahawks miracle win, Jan 19, 2015.

ADDED: Patriots beat Seahawks 28-24 for dummies: 
Illuminati Grand Master chose the alternative script to the 33-33 result at Phoenix.
Make no mistake: New England Patriots will be stripped of the title for cheating.
Seahawks will be proclaimed the real winners. In other words: yet another BIG BANG parallel script.

If the BIG BANG has to be postponed beyond the next Superbowl 50 the whole season will declared to be a scam, not legit.

Jan 19, 2005
Jermaine Kearse s OT touchdown finishes off Seahawks miracle win Shutdown Corner 

Very Last Superbowl, 2014, by The Great Decider, Christ(of), the director of the Truman Show - ATTENTION this is NOT a joke.
43-8: Illuminati Supreme Leader announces the impossible result two days in advance
Parody about Simulated Reality to terminate the world as the human cattle knows it

A few brave men in Slaviansk, Donetsk, among the last ones in Europe, forced the Illuminati Grand Master to stage an extra 2015 Superbowl.
BIG BANG - the other parallel scripts:

Satanic Celebrations: Sports: from Olympic Games to Football World Cup  and Superbowl

Lots of facts about US presidents exposed first by Last Prophet by simply listing Obama's official and unofficial presidential tables, present and future:
Obama, world's most lonesome president ever as presidential tables will show.
Obama's presidential tables include ELEVEN where he's alone FOREVER - EIGHT of them officially.

Photo: Kete Perry in Baphomet dress

Jul 30, 2015 - Headlines will be: Reunion Island's Boeing 777 wing from downed MH17 NOT from missing MH370

Feb 5, 2016 - Black Panthers: quarterback Cam Newton will go from hero to zero
Part of the same script as "Denver white shirts" vs "Panthers black shirts", white shirts always win.
Agenda; "white elders supervising manhunt for blacks".
It just about to start, with Obama's staged arrest and "US shirdown" with termination of food stamps for 40 million blacks.

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May 7, 2014

Thailand Ukraine parallel scripts gov forced to step down: Most incredible is NOT that only ONE explained it in advance

Prime-minister of Thailand forced to step down was explained by Last Prophet BEFORE the act "Ukraine's President Yanukovich forced to step down".
Most incredible is NOT that only ONE explained it in advance.
Most incredible is that NOBODY else will explain it now, AFTER it happened.
Proof: previous lines, with Thailand replaced by Ukraine, were posted hours after the act "Yanukovich flees to Russia". 
More than 2 months later NOBODY else explained what happened in the Ukraine, which is EXACTLY what just happened in Thailand.

May 7, 2014 THAILAND
BANGKOK (AP) — Yingluck Shinawatra was ordered to step down after the Constitutional Court found her guilty in an abuse of power case.
"Transferring government officials must be done in accordance with moral principle," the court said in its ruling, read aloud on live television for almost 90 minutes. "Transferring with a hidden agenda is not acceptable."
The ruling also forced out nine Cabinet members who the court said were complicit.
The ruling also casts doubt on whether new elections planned for July will take place, which would anger Yingluck's mostly rural supporters who have called for a major rally Saturday in Bangkok.
It also remains far from clear whether her opponents will be able to achieve other key demands, including creating a reform council overseen by a leader of their choice ... 

From November 2013:
Parallel scripts with illuminati suicide bombers: "THAILAND Prime minister and UKRAINE's president forced to step down"

Mar 15, 2014

Osama Bin Laden resurrects next to missing Boeing 777

All explained by Last Prophet in August 2011, months after Illuminati staged "Navy SEALs team kills Osama Bin Laden".
Illuminati Grand Master was forced to postpone it for nearly three years.

Hoax exposed one day later. FULL SCRIPT exposed one week later:
March 15: solution of the "puzzle" becomes obvious with the latest "revelations"
One week later the latest "news" about the the "impossible flight", a script as impossible as the "alien abudction" initally suggested, 
- pilot was a "political fanatic" who had just been at the trial of jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.
- two possible corridors: southwest towards the Antartic over the Indian Ocean; northwest, with the search extended to Kazakhstan, well to the north of Afghanistan.[1]
This leaves no doubt about the agendas that will be advanced before the obvious end.

Southwest corridor over the Indian Ocean: the first act
It advances agendas exposed from the beginning by Last Prophet:
- "airplane abducted by aliens, now hidden in secret base built by extraterrestrials in the Antartic ".
- remake of missing girl UK Maddie McCann spotted by everyone everywhere": mainly governments not individuals play spotters.

Northwest corridor in or near an Afghanistan is how it will end:
The pilot linked to "terrorism" and to the jailed opposition leader is first used to advance the terror state agenda, the final crack down on malaysian patriots, same as OKC 1995 in the USA or Oslo 2011 in Norway and the EU.
Most important of all: it sets the stage for the very last video of Obama as Osama, this time not in a cave but standing next to a Boeing 777 of the Malaysian Airlines. 
Reduced to one sentence: the terrorist pilot flew the plane to Osama Bin Laden.

Anti-Bible's resurrection 
The Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation resurrects both "dead Osama" and the "missing Boeing 777" from the depths of the Indian Ocean.
Most probably at the Holy Land, with his second and very last "terror attack using an airliner".
Yet another parallelism, this time the illuminati anti-Bible about the resurrection of Christ.

Jerusalem, 2014: Carbon Copy of 911 2001: Obama Bin Laden resurrects from an ocean of discrepancies.
Treasonous Israeli government, controlled by the illuminati since the coup of 1975, will play its part staging the attack.
It wii be staged exactly like 911: while the official story will have "Osama Bin Laden" as perpetrator plenty of "discrepancies" will leave no doubt that it was an inside job.
Obama Bin Laden and treasonous governments are the constants in the final equation, reducing four airliners to one:
(2*American Airlines) + (2*United Airlines)/911-2001 NYC-USA = (1*Malaysian Airlines)/2014 Jerusalem-Israel

[1] 15 March 2014 A newly extended, multinational search stretching all the way from Kazakhstan to the southern Indian Ocean was under way.
This after satellite data indicated missing flight MH370 last made contact six hours after previously believed.
map: http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2...ap/index.htmlC

Hoax exposed one day later:
Malaysia Airlines flight missing: ALL staged with actors - Illuminati religion's commandment to serve NOTHING but simulated reality at the end of the show

911 Remake: 2011 at Fukushima unit 3 with hydrogen by God - AND 2014 with Boeing 777 by illuminati   

Last Prophet's words from August 2011:
Obama's very last video as Osama in an Afghanistan cave about to be released:

Transvestite Michelle Obama, Homosexual Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation:

Reminder of what comes after "Osama" resurfaces standing by the missing 777: the theater act "Obama arrested 'LIVE on TV' with senate and congress members as background".
A remake of North Korea great leader Kim Jong Un's uncle arrest:
"Social Security defaults", part of the "US governemtn shutdown" theater, timed with Obama's detonation, starts the BIG BANG.
BIG BANG for dummies: Annihilate "trillions" in fiat money, from US debt to savings and pension funds of human cattle. 

Added one year later, March 2015:
Missing Malaysia Boeing 777 explained one year ago, echoed by NOBODY ever since
As for why it Osama's resurrection Easter Sunday 2014 was postoned - see 4th time, added to
Jul 2011- Compulsory vaccination alias vassassination: Why it was postponed again and again since 2009 (4th time added May 4 2014, 5th time added Jan 18, 2015)

Fake Germanwings crash at the Alps, dirty remake of Shanksville, serves a multitude of agendas, all already served ad nauseum in recent acts of fake mass blood.
One is to "put an end to human cattle using airliners", same as each episode in the "crashed airliners" series.

Jul 30, 2015 - Headlines will be: Reunion Island's Boeing 777 wing from downed MH17 NOT from missing MH370


Feb 18, 2014


From May 25 2011, as Joplin, Missouri and a number of other small towns USA were wiped off the map:
Example of what happened today in a lot of small towns USA, survived in this page from 2007 (1).
4 years later, 18 April 2011, poster replies:
Both the Surry nuclear plant (damaged by tornado) and Fukushima Daichi are on the same parallel.
Does anyone find this interesting? 
I'm just pointing this out. I have no clue. I just know how very odd 60 tornados are on the east coast of the US.
Last Prophet replies:
it is the median center, in terms of population, for those who destroyed the Earth (2).
Now they are destroyed by GOD.
poster asks in repost, 16 Feb 2014 (3), 02/16/2014 10:58 PM:
Why are you sharing this now?
Last Prophet replies:
Southern California produces half of the fruit and vegetables of the US and rain stopped. The rest of the US is almost all frozen (4).
England's very last year without millions of flooded houses is as much behind us as Southern California's winter rain to fill the  breadbasket of the United States.
For the record, same in 2011 as of today:
06/06/2007 08:15 AM:
Prairies: tornados unseen in small village USA about to strike 2 posts - Last post: 6 Jun 2007
End Times Prophet predicted in the new age *** small town USA must be prepared to be devastated by storm *** any moment, any day ...
(2) Two of the results: 19 March 2008, 11-26-07, 10:33 AM, see photos
(3) repost 2014
(4) Historically, in 135 years of record-keeping, this has been the driest," Patzert said. "Since July 1, we’ve had less than an inch of rain. 
In January, which is historically our wettest month, we’ve had zero rainfall. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen anything like this.”
”Here in California, we’re the breadbasket of the United States, but also we export tremendous volumes of fruits, vegetables and even cattle overseas," 

Jun 22, 2013

Napoleon Lenin and fake Putin ALL exposed first by Last Prophet

Napoleon, Lenin and fake Putin: all exposed first by Last Prophet

illuminati jokes: Napoleon exiled twice to an island for dummies

Napoleon's exile to the island of St. Helena, unlike the exile to the island of Elba, was not originally scripted.
Napoleon was an agent of the prussian illuminati, the same sect that not only introduced the guillotine but also controlled the french revolutiion.
Napoleon was selected to play "emperor of France" to accomplish these two tasks:
1 - to conquer Russia for the illuminati
2 - to immediately after detonate as suicide bomber.
Napoleon's self-detonation would put an end to France's role as key player in Europe, once and for all. 
The break-up of France would start by the loss of northeastern areas, Alsace and Lorraine, to be transferred to the prussian illuminazis.
At the end of thed day Napoleon would be rewarded with the "exile in the island of Elba".

1813: Napoleon failed in his first mission. Yet the illuminati, fulfilling one of their religion's commandments, to formally turn defeat into victory, still staged the "Napoleon exiled to Elba" act.
Napoleon's resurrection alias the "escape from Elba" and Waterloo were NOT originally scripted. 
They were added to the script for two reasons, the first being to still partly fulfill the second task originally assigned to Napoleon.
The second reason was the same as for Hitler to order Churchill to bomb the hell out of Dresden civilians, 130 years later.

One century later Lenin is an insider remake of Napoleon
Illuminati agent Lenin, an ethnic german pretending to be a russian with some jewish and german ancestry, is assigned the same two tasks as Napoleon.
For the first time the conquest of Russia is done from within, with an infiltrator as treasonous leader.
Detail difference to Napoleon: the self-detonation at the end of the day would obviously be part of the break-up of Russia, not of France.
The plan didn't succed because Lenin died too early and illuminazi agent Trotsky was defeated by patriotic Stalin.
End Times Paradox: Lenin still was awarded the status of a russian hero, sealed with a mausoleum and hundreds of statues in soviet cities.

Two centuries later fake Putin is again an insider remake of Napoleon or in other words a perfect remake of Lenin
Fake Putin became the president of Russia in 2010, after the real Putin was jailed and executed.

Waterloo 1815 = bombing of Dresden 1945 = illuminati theater AFTER their DEFEAT 1812 and 1943.

Illuminati's failed military attempts to occupy Russia were in fact all lead by Germans, althoug the second one had corsican Napoleon Bonaparte as official leader. 
The first as early as 1242, 1242, more than five centuries before Illuminati's self-proclaimed birthdate.
2013, October: Last Prophet exposes worldwide first 
Novus ordo seclorum - WHY Illuminati used it to name GLOBAL SLAVERY.
In the process also explsed: the first illuminati failed attempt to militarily occupy Russia, sealed at the Battle of the Ice, 1242.

Dec 21, 2009

Who neo-Gestapo will come first for this time

Who will the neo-Gestapo will first come for this time
Martial law to be proclaimed after Obama's staged arrest, officially launches the manhunt for dissidents and non-whites, starting with gang members.
First two groups of whites to be rounded and guillotined in malls:
- political dissidents, arrested initially still using the "deemed mentally ill" excuse.
- part of interracial couples.
This as the ongoing genocide of "mentally ill" and handicaped will be legalized.
As for tens of millions of other whites, starting with elderly, they will be murdered shortly after with compulsory vaccination.

The Race Card: How the illuminati played it in the III Reich compared to how they play it now in the IV Reich:

Aug 2014 . Ferguson to coming Baltimore riots, "dead" Brown to coming Gray 
added Nov 2014: interracial rape culture pause by Bill Cosby

May 5, 2009

Prophet's role in Armageddon and systemic collapse

There were only two basic ages in the economic History of Mankind. The line seperating both ages was correctly specified first by End Times Prophet.

The same Prophet who explained first that cyclical theory was the core lie used to cover-up the fundamental Law governing the second age, mathematically maximally reduced returns an exponential curve. (1)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained that imminent end of age was the reason to launch military Armageddon, with the ultimatum to Serbia, the 13 October 1998 deadline.

The same Prophet who predicted and explained the begin of military Armageddon, 13 October 1998 - 24 March 1999.

The same Prophet who explained in 1999 that Illuminati selling oil below production costs was one of main reasons why the populace could be mislead to not believe their own eyes (i.e. oil platforms drilling at rapdily increasing depths in the ocean). (2)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained in [August 1999 - 1 January 2000] that Vladimir Putin was sent to lead God's Angelic Warriors in the battle of Armageddon.

The same Prophet who explained the begin of illuminati overtime, 1 January 2000.

The same Prophet who explained shortly before 9/11 2001 why in the nineties Japan was the first area of Illuminatziland to witness the begin of the end of age.

The same Prophet who explained the begin of end of age in late 2003 in the US. (3)

The same Prophet who explained how genocide of "unproductive" and reduction of the populace in Illuminatizland to "human cattle" were the main reasons why the illuminati were able to extend illuminati overtime after Septmeber 2005. (4)

The same Prophet who predicted and explained how the illuminati planned a ontrolled collapse of major banks, using the "swiss" UBS symbology to launch it, as another trick to extend illuminati overtime but above all as another sign of the last months before systemic collapse. (5)

The same Prophet who explained that, shortly after oil prices peaked at $150 a barrel and one U.S. dollar to 23 roubles, systemic collapse began, with oil demand again below oil offer, what made it possible again for the illuminati to sell oil below production costs.

The same Prophet who explained that Financial Armageddon, the last possible economic tactic weapon before nuclear Armageddon, was launched, with oil being offered by the illuminati almost for free, going as far as $33 a barrel and 37 roubles for one U.S. dollar.

The same Prophet who explained thr begin of the retreat of the attackers, as they begun running out of ammo. (6)

Financial Armageddon: attackers retreat shortly before * TOTAL DISARRAY *
Now the same Prophet explains that the retreat enters the last stage, as the illuminati abandon the $50 oil price trench that they were defending for weeks.
A few weeks, in the illuminati end times scale, after systemic collpase, is more than millions of years in the illuminati geologic time scale. Another scale that was maximally reduced by Prophet to only TWO basic ages. (7)

(1) "Historical Articles by Matt Marriott - 1 - the exponential curve on the move" - Article archived first on Dec 31, 2005 and, last on Jan 05, 2008, (as of today), days before TRUE Prophet and the last poster, the only echoing the Truth, End Times Evan / Kyoon, were banned from one of the very last forums where the TRUTH could be discussed.
Archived Version from Jan 05, 2008:

(2) The "selling oil below production costs" piece of the "End of Age" puzzle, as well as other three KEY pieces, visible on:- this photo, first achived by webarchive.org, Nov 07, 2001

(3) "Science fiction - this time into the past", from 2003 - archived 2005, references historical message from Illuminati End Times Prophet from 1999

(4) Illustrated in archived link provided by first footnote, by Prophet's post from 03-31-2006:
"US Government Agency is *** NO MORE *** hiding mass murder of old, disabled and other unproductive segments of the US population -
US Department of Energy DOE, first agency to confirm HORRIBLE TRUTH, 4 months later"

(5) Illustrated in archived link provided by first footnote, by Prophet's post from 11-21-2007:"Phase of Collapse of Major Bank: Illuminati to use "swiss" UBS as milestone
Choosing the "swiss" UBS to officially enter the phase of "collapse of major banks", which in the timeline is located at the end of illuminati overtime, is just what you would expect. Why? See the illuminati mind control techniques which I explained in detail in the last years."

(6) As the attackers begun running out of ammunition:

(7) GEOLOGIC TIMESCALE by Illuminati maximally reduced to SIX words by Matt Marriott

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