Oct 6, 2008

Three types of Prophecies, depending on possible illuminati reaction

Concerning what the VERY LAST of the End Time Prophets prophesized, there are three types of prophecies:
A - there is nothing the illuminati can do about it;
B - the illuminati could theoretically use it to prove End Times Prophet to be a false prophet, but there is too much at stake for the illuminati to be worth to do it;
C - the illuminati can’t change the basics but can change some detail - e.g. the date, if End Times Prophet pointed out the precise date it was supposed to happen - to prove End Times Prophet “wrong”.
After 2005 End Times Prophet avoided any prophecies of this last type (1). The main reason was the fact that, after the Prophet revealed that Terri Schindler’s satanic ritual murder would take place Good Friday 2005, the illuminati extended her torture, taken to the utter limits (denial of water), for several days. (2)
Note that the ability to change details can also be used by the illuminati to react to the situation where they were not able to meet a deadline, i.e. to implement the plan accordingly to the originally planned timeline. (3)

(1) Illustration of C type Prophecies - 6 October 2008, page 11 - "What Barack Obama will be telling us in a few hours":
Prophet replies to poster Accipiter, who claims that prophecy about official launch date for Illuminati staging "Obama impeachment" as reversed script for "Clinton Impeachment 1998" was proven false:
"I was looking for my post to refute this, but I noticed it has been removed from page 9.
How could I change any claims, if I am the VERY LAST of the End Time Prophets?

As for [executing] Usain Bolt, the same is valid as for the exact date for launching the “Obama impeachment” act, no exact date is given since that would be a C type."
Note that the first post in first page of that thread illustrates a B type prophecy, fulfilled short after, March 2008.
(2) http://end-times-prophet.blogspot.com/2005/04/illuminati-modify-script-after-it-was_27.html
(3) This was the case of Illuminati not being able to postpone systemic collapse long enough. That happened just weeks before the planned "suicide Obomber" act required before the "election" of Hillary Clinton. This forced the Illuminati to delay the "Obama confesses forgery and murder" act until after the inauguration, where the "illegal Oath" act was staged to cover-up the illuminati failure.

The second part of the title hints at a binary typology as base: depending (yes or no) on possible illuminati reaction
Talk of Typologies of Last Prophet's prophecies
Dec 2014: article illustrates one of the binary typologies for Last Prophet's prophecies:
1. fulfilled: oil prices touchdown, the very special last minute low-cost flight for $33.
2. unfolding, in this case of the main subtype, those fulfilled immediately after the BIG BANG, the days when:
- oil prices will explode: not only U.S. Route 33 EMPTY but also the rest of the highways; not only 330 gallons heating oil tanks EMPTY but also the rest of U.S residential sizes
- illuminati stop feeding human cattle with not only Big Macs at a current global average price of $3.3 but also with the rest of their poisoned fast food.

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Feb 5, 2008

Hours before Hillary Clinton will be "elected", a reminder: script and goal were explained worldwide only by End Times Prophet

Just hours before Hillary Clinton will be "elected", a reminder: script and goal were explained worldwide only by End Times Prophet and echoed by few, very very few.

The Script
The script for the "election" of Hillary Clinton, supported by less than 5 pct of the population, as the last president of the US (unless the illuminati will have to terminate the script before), was explained worldwide only by End Times Prophet. (1)
Electing a candidate who did not manage to gather a crowd larger than 4,000 (including the hundreds of paid campaign personnel).
This despite the script for the role of the candidate supposed to lose (2), the "black" candidate by the name of Obama (as close as it can get to the CIA creation Osama).
Obama, the candidate with a 80+ muslim grandmother who has to pump her daily supply of fresh water from a hole in the ground somewehere in Africa.
Obama, the candidate with two main roles: to convince people that computers do not multiply the Clinton votes and to ask his crowds for a big cheer for Clinton, each time the "results" are announced.(3)

The main goal of the script
The goal of the script for the "election" of Hillary Clinton, was explained again worldwide only by End Times Prophet. It is as simple as this:

1. The masses in Illuminatiland have formally accepted to carry the mark of the beast in 2004. On their forehead and on their right hand, i.e. in thoughts and deeds. Only a few, VERY FEW, refused it. (4)

2. Once that happened, for the illuminati the only "new developments" in Illuminatiland until the final slaughter can be nothing but proving the Illuminati B-Plan, total deception (5), i.e. how completely they can fool and control the sheep. Ulltimately this resumes to seeking to reach as close as possible to the ultimate border, which is defined by explaining openly to the sheep how they were fooled.
In other words, the ultimate border is defined by the illuminati telling the sheep exactly what Matt Marriott told them during the ten years (6) that the battle of Armageddon lasted so far. (7)

(1) http://last-antichrist.blogspot.com/2007/05/hillary-clinton-2008-for-dummies-two.html

(2) Currently only one result, and it's the right one

(3) http://voting-machines.blogspot.com/2008/0...d-2004-for.html

(4) Halloween 2004 - last hours before almost all Americans formally accept to carry the mark of the beast

(5) more about the Illuminati B-plan here: http://illuminati-religion.blogspot.com/

(6) A starting point here: http://best-seller-hoaxes.blogspot.com/

(7) http://armageddon-now.blogspot.com/

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