Dec 21, 2009

Who neo-Gestapo will come first for this time

Introduction - added 2014 Nov
Same as the rest of the headlines: almost all blacks are part of PSY-OPS, either actors or software creations.
Black actors casted in setting the stage for the manhunt for non-whites (and blacks in particular) range from TV anchors (from Don Lemon to Oprah Winfrey) and "protest leaders" (from Al Sharpton to BlackLivesMatter) to the star of the cast, the Obamessiah.
As for the star among the official actors: Bill Cosby's final role as sex-monster, more precisely the champion of interracial rape was explained long ago.

Last Prophet's words from Dec 2009: 

Who will the neo-Gestapo will first come for this time
Martial law to be proclaimed after Obama's staged arrest, officially launches the manhunt for dissidents and non-whites, starting with gang members.
First two groups of whites to be rounded and guillotined in malls:
- political dissidents, arrested initially still using the "deemed mentally ill" excuse.
- part of interracial couples.
This as the ongoing genocide of "mentally ill" and handicapped will be legalized.
As for tens of millions of other whites, starting with elderly, they will be murdered shortly after with compulsory vaccination.

The Race Card: How the illuminati played it in the III Reich compared to how they play it now in the IV Reich:

Aug 2014 . Ferguson to coming Baltimore riots, "dead" Brown to coming Gray 
added Nov 2014: interracial rape culture pause by Bill Cosby