Feb 26, 2009

One of last survivors of Hitler's army acting as last planned Pope denying Hitler's gas chambers - all of it was predicted

One of last survivors of Hitler's army, Cardinal Ratzinger aka Natzinger, becoming Anti-Pope Benedict XVI to play the "Glory of the Olive" role, the last planned Pope, denying the Holocaust and Hitler's gas chambers... it was all predicted by End Times Prophet.

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Prophet used this prophecy to reply to poster Tulc, who tried to prove Matt Marriott a false Prophet using the prophecy about the illuminati using suicide Obomber to "elect" Hillary Clinton (1):

"Again, there are THREE types of prophecies.(2)
Use prophecies of A or B types to prove that I am a false prophet.
[link to this article, i.e. Prophet's prophecies about anti-pope Benedict XVI] an example of a prophecy including several prophecies, two of which are of B-type.
By the way you can no more use it to prove me wrong, since the last pending B-type prophecy was fulfilled the latest after illuminati agent Williamson, acting as catholic Bishop, was expelled from Argentina.


(1)  See dialogue with Poster Tulc in discussion "DUBAI in Illuminati End Times, End Sign explained worldwide first by ET Prophet"


(2) http://end-times-prophet.blogspot.com/2008/10/three-types-of-prophecies-depending-on.html

As article in Forums: engforum.pravda.ru -- christianforums.com

As reply to: unexplained-mysteries.com "Pope outrages Jews over Holocaust denier". Note the mind control technique used in headline, suggesting that non-Jews are not outraged.