Apr 27, 2005

Illuminati modify script after it was exposed by End Times Prophet

Illuminati react to End Times Prophet  revelation of their next move by slightly modify the script, to prove Matt Marriott wrong. (1)

The ultimate case was the satanic ritual murder of Theresa Maria Schindler, which the illuminati originally planned to finish  Good Friday, 2005 (2).
The illuminati reaction to End Times Prophet exposing that detail (3), one day before, was
- to extend Terri's martyrdom.
- to order their psy-ops to stage the "End Times Prophet failed" party, with almost 6,000 posts in three days, as reply to the article. This despite their psy-ops being fully occupied at the time spreading the lies about the mass murder agenda that was being advanced with this ritual murder "live" on TV.


(1) The reason was that the move was revealed at freerepublic.com. But until the murder of Terri in early April 2005, there were still some few freedom loving people left in the management. So ironically, what is now the last online bunker of the last official supporters of nuclear Hitler was at that time the site where some of the lines of the Illuminati end times script were first revelead by End Times Prophet (pster Truth666 in 2003-2005, Milosevic2 in 2001, Milosevic in 2000).

(2) Historic thread timestamped the day before Good Friday, the day planned to celebrate the end of the United States of America¨
It was because of this thread,  that the illuminati traded-off the satanic celebration day planned for Good Friday against yet more days of the ultimate torture.
"Why Terri Schiavo will die tomorrow, the day Jesus Christ died (stop the satanic ritual murder!!!)"
Posted by Truth666
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Archived first time by webarchive five days later, March 29, 2005:

(3) The last of all the basic details illustrating "how Schiavo fits into 9/11" celebration script, as predicted by End Times Prophet, can be stated September 2006, i.e. mini-nukes to let the curtain fell:

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Note from March 2008: Original articles in forum deleted.
A reference still found in post from 22 Aug 2007, 06:44, in "400 m Olympic Champion Jeremy Wariner officially put in the death row, ISTAF Berlin", a 2006 article about the doping conspiracy. Another key illuminati script, where a chapter was postponed, because it was exposed by End Times Prophet: