May 31, 2006

End Times Prophet revealed to the world first time 1998 in the CNN forums - what else would you expect?

1991: Live reports of CNN journalists from Baghdad about the first bombs seal CNN as the first global TV station.

1998 - the satanist target date
1998 - internet becomes mass media.
This implies that it also becomes the first mass media in illuminatiland where it would be possible to finally reveal the truth(1)
1998 - CNN forums: the two first and last global discussions in the internet, in the CNN message boards: "Clinton impeachment" and "the Kosovo conflict".

1999, February - short before day of fate, CNN starts censoring parts of the truth.
1999, 24 March - the satanist target date fulfilled, allowed first by the sheep and finally by God.
1999, July - the first posts of End Times Prophet to the CNN board "the Kennedy tragedy", immediately deleted, mark the end of any real discussion in the CNN forums.

2003 - as the second Iraq war starts, there was no more a global TV station, as global satellite TV emerged and its role as a propaganda tool of the US government had become too obvious.
No wonder this time there were no more exclusive reports from Baghdad.

If End Times was to have a prophet, what place would you expect to see him appearing other than 1998 in those two CNN boards?

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